Wire bent parts

We process wire bent parts from a range of different materials with wire diameters of 0.20 mm to 6.80 mm and bend them into any shape as required.

Alongside production on CNC machines and bending machines, production facilities we have built ourselves for thread cutting, thread rolling, flat pressing or upset forging supplement our production options.

Your contact persons

Leif Ulmann Technology and sales of strip steel and round wire products Tel. 02051.6085-100 Fax 02051.6085-285 leif.ulmann@vitz.de
Christian Goeke Sales of round wire products Tel. 02051-6085-254 Fax 02051-6085-285 christian.goeke@vitz.de
Andrea Krüger Sales of round wire products Tel. 02051-6085-246 Fax 02051-6085-285 andrea.krueger@vitz.de
Frank Bechtloff Sales of round wire products Tel. 02051-6085-215 Fax 02051-6085-285 frank.bechtloff@vitz.de
Bärbel Nußbaum Sales of round wire products Tel. 02051-6085-109 Fax 02051-6085-285 baerbel.nussbaum@vitz.de

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