Corporate principles

Our medium-sized company has been in family hands for four generations. Due to the high quality standard and service, the company records long-term business success and steady growth combined, with social commitment.

Last but not least, our qualified employees are the pillars of our success. The training and further education measures promoted by us contribute to the fact that we can supply our customers with tailor-made solutions to their satisfaction. As we act in partnership, responsibly and in compliance with the law, we require our employees to report violations of the Code of Conduct immediately to their superiors.

We ensure that our employees do not act corruptly and do not receive any remuneration for doing so. They are further required to avoid personal interests that are not compatible with the business interests of Vitzfedern. Further non-compliance will result in legal or company disciplinary measures.

Bribery and corruption are also rejected in business relations with our customers, suppliers and other interested parties. We expect all parties to maintain a business relationship based on national standards.

Taken as a whole, all of the above aspects contribute to our ability to offer our customers a combination of value for money and a long-term ethical and adequate process flow.