Tool development

The tools required for our production are made in our own toolmaking shop. Our tool mechanics are busy making new tools and maintaining tools, working in two-shift operation. We are able to react flexibly thanks to the proximity to production. This means that changes to products requested by customers can be quickly implemented. We rely on innovative technologies such as 3D design, wire erosion, high-speed milling and diaform grinding.

Design and tool development

The products we make appear simple at first glance, but they require a high level of precision.

This means that we don’t just supply you with an item, but also invest in our quality work. Our service begins with advice on the right solution! Do you need a special component or a specific tool? We help you with the formulation of your requirements and initially design a prototype with you.

In the next work step, this is developed as a 3D model (often produced by hand to fulfil all requirements). We then develop the necessary tools for actual product manufacturing once this prototype has been tested and coordinated. Because the work steps are close together, our reaction times are quick and mean we can employ our huge experience potential in the right place.

Experienced designers work on the development of new tools as well as on the realisation of tool changes in our own design department. Even the most complex customer requests can be implemented using the CAD software VISI – the leading design and NC programming systems for tool and mould-making.


Lots of tools for production would hardly be able to be produced without modern machines. We therefore have our own eroding department with advanced eroding machines. We also have our own CNC milling machines at our disposal. With all of these machines, we can easily manufacture the most complex components in the shortest possible time.