Environmental Management

Guiding Principles of our Environmental Policy

  • Environmentally-orientated company management is innovative, thinks about the future and questions old solutions.

  • We set ourselves environment targets to continually improve our operational environmental protection.

  • We ensure that energy and resources are handled sparingly in our production processes.

  • Our activities are evaluated and monitored in relation to their impacts on the environment. Data relevant to the environment is collected and analysed to see how damaging environmental impacts can be reduced.

  • Compliance with legal specifications is not only an obligation for us, but is also an important tool in implementing our operational environmental protection technically and professionally.

  • When required, we advise the customer if we identify more environmentally-friendly alternatives in relation to the product, the production process and logistics.

  • Forward-thinking environmental protection safeguards our company in the long-term. And this does not have a negative impact on our competitiveness.

  • The use of the best possible technology within the scope of economic opportunities should minimise environmental impacts, prevent accident-related environmental problems and keep the consequences of accidents to a minimum.

  • We also want to avoid as much waste as possible. If this is not possible, but economically justifiable, we take measures to recycle or take care of waste in an environmentally compatible manner. We try to reduce non-recyclable residual waste as much as possible.

  • We make our employees aware of environmental protection by providing training, information and internal education. Responsible persons also have the opportunity to gain further external training.